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4Columns is based in New York City, where the spread of the coronavirus is seriously endangering our communities and forcing many of us to shelter in place. Readers and contributors have been asking how 4Columns will negotiate the closure of museums and galleries, cinemas, theaters, and concert venues, or if the magazine will publish at all during this crisis. Though we have had to cancel some forthcoming reviews owing to the closures, in their stead, we have commissioned writing that will address those works of culture that are still available in the public sphere, in one guise or another. We will continue to publish every Friday through June 26, after which time we will go on our customary two-month summer hiatus.

4Columns stands with the many other publications and cultural organizations working to facilitate virtual access to contemporary culture during this period—so that we can still share common experiences of reading, watching, looking, and listening, for as long as we all must remain apart.